Our Team

Colourist and Producer 

Matt (colourist) and Caro (producer) have been working together since 2011. Having come up through the digital content outbreak​ their understanding of how content is shaped and moved is in line with the fast paced reality.

They have chosen to create the space at DotKomrade as a bubble of commitment to content and its creators that is authentic and dedicated.  They both have a profound enjoyment of people and, love, more than the work they do, the people they meet on the journey.

Matt has completed multiple courses through the ICA over and above his 18 years of learning through all facets of the craft from cinematography, VFX and editing. He works as an editor and colourist. 

Caro has been working in digital content production for 9 years. Her focus is on running a smooth experience at Dotkomrade as well as developing the colourist sector in South Africa.

Her aim is for a carbon neutral post facility. 

Matt's portfolio 

Caro's Portfolio