The Brief:
Shona Danckwerts, a designer who is very involved with the Nando’s brand, invited us to get involved in telling the story of the branding of the Nando’s Trade outer packaging. This is the packaging in which Nando’s products destined for restaurants are packaged. Historically, this has always been low cost and not beautiful, but as part of Nando’s global brand alignment the trade team decided to brand this packaging. This was a great thing to do because the only people this branding affects directly are those responsible for shifting the sauces around the world, and the back-of-house staff who unpack these deliveries. Beautifying this packaging meant that these people would be able to benefit from the artistic integrity of the Nando’s brand and also be made to feel more a part of the Nando’s family. Nando’s Trade wanted to capture this process and tell the story to showcase the process internally.

Our Approach:
We were really excited to get involved in this project and pitched a straightforward documentary style approach. Fortunately we had been engaged fairly early in the process and had the opportunity to follow Shona as she finalised designs and managed the initial printing tests. Interviewing various stakeholders, including the global marketing director as well as Shona herself meant that we got many angles to the story. We spent a few weeks documenting some of the key stages and then a lot of time cutting the masses of interview footage down to a concise and relevant video.

The Result:
After minor revisions the Nando’s team and Shona were pleased with the outcome. The brand alignment process that Nando’s was engaged in at that time was a hugely important undertaking which involved Nandocas at every level of the organisation and the team at Trade was proud to be able to document their contribution to these efforts. We were proud to be involved and continue to work on a range of projects with Nando’s to this day.

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