The Brief:
We were briefed by Mercedes-Benz via digital agency iProspect to create a video overview of the 2014 financial results for the Commercial Vehicles division.

Starting with a Powerpoint is not the most inspiring beginning, but we contacted our trusty scriptwriter who managed to tease a thread of narrative from the set of data. We also decided that an animated video would be the most engaging approach and collaborated with the designers at Garageast to create a storyboard that also formed the artwork for animation. That was promptly signed off and the next step was to just animate everything. It’s always a good place to start: look at a piece of artwork and say, “I’m going to touch every single thing here.” The design and animation process took about three weeks and once it was done we passed the final video on to Guy Steer at Rechord Studios to work some final mix magic.

The Result:
We turned the project round in fairly good time and for a reasonable budget. The client at MB was extremely happy which made the agency happy. It was a stimulating and fun job to work on and although it meant many long days and late nights, we were really satisfied with the final output.

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