Who we are.

We are people who are passionate about what we do. We have backgrounds in agencies and production and have a great working knowledge of the production process, from creative inception to ultimate delivery. We see every job as an opportunity to learn something new, to try something new, and to meet someone new.


Shooter, Editor, Animator



Matt completed his BA in 2003 and spent the next 4 years working in an agency as the in-house video unit. Founding DotKomrade in 2008, Matt continued to develop extensive skills in cinematography, editing and animation, whilst keeping a close eye on the continual development of his technological environment.
Caro’s professional history began with her B.Sc, a qualification she leveraged to establish Joburg’s first urban agricultural small business in 2006. Caro also spent several years in skills and enterprise development for NGOs, where she acquired the strengths she would later use as DotKomrade’s business growth strategist and producer. Caro is additionally qualified in digital marketing and project management.

Our home.

Strategy Phase

We can get involved with your project from the start of the conceptual phase or at any time throughout the strategic development and add our expertise and insight to your creative process. We can help make sure that you get the most out of your budgets and set up a project that runs smoothly and on time.

Production Phase

When it comes to production we scale our team to the job at hand. We assemble scriptwriters, production crew, and post-production specialists to make sure that every project has the right people working on the right tasks. Our track record speaks for itself with loyal clients coming back again and again for our dedicated and quality-conscious approach.

How we work.

1 A project usually starts with a brief. We've taken and given countless briefs over the years and can drill down to the important elements, understanding the key messages that need to come across, and the best way to distil these into effective communication tools.

2 Getting the job done encompasses pre-production, production and post-production. Working from our studio in Linden, we plan for, execute and then finish projects on state of the art equipment. We also place huge emphasis on backups and security and make sure that our media is safe at all times.

3 Delivery is the final step in the process and just as important to the successful execution of a project as any other step. We have an in-depth understanding of formats and media and finalise each job to exacting specifications. Running a high speed fibre network allows us to deliver any size, anywhere.